Study Smarter

Today, I studied for 6 hours.  That might not sound like a whole lot, but for me it was a real departure.  I’m usually a bit disorganised, pretty unfocused and very distracted, often playing around with my phone or wandering off for ‘breaks’ that last far too long.  Today was a great day for my studies, and the next 7 days are going to be equally as productive.  I can say that, because I have 7 more doses of BrainZyme.

BrainZyme is a new cognitive enhancer, designed specifically for students.  It helps to reduce procrastination, encourage clearer thinking and to unlock nutritional energy.  It’s excellent for any students who want to get more done, but are held back by fatigue or distractions.  It’s also popular amongst sportspeople, with golfers to martial artists feeling good benefits from BrainZyme.

The claims that BrainZyme makes might sound a bit grandiose but they are definitely substantiated.  The assertions made about the product are supported by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) research.  In addition, BrainZyme is regulated by numerous British agencies: the MHRA, Department of Health, Trading Standards and Food Standards agencies to name a few, meaning that these claims are absolutely legitimate – the product is scientifically proven to support clearer thinking and unlocking of nutritional energy.

‘Clearer thinking’ and ‘unlocking energy’ are rather unclear in their actual meaning, however.  The true effects of BrainZyme can be expanded upon more and elucidated somewhat.  In short, I found that BrainZyme helped me get more done.  In slightly longer, I found that BrainZyme helped me focus on my reading, made me procrastinate a bit less, and generally perked me up.  I felt like I was more engaged, and that the notes I was taking were more relevant and useful.  While I didn’t explicitly feel ‘smarter’, I was certainly more productive.

In addition to that, I felt that there weren’t many side-effects.  Even in the afterglow of a hard day’s work, I didn’t end up crashing out as I often will after having an energy drink or strong coffee.  Not to mention ‘study drugs’ like Modafinil – I’ve heard plenty of stories on how they can have all sorts of bad knock-on effects.  No such issues with BrainZyme, I slept well afterwards and had no issues with twitchiness, chemical hangovers or headaches.  No rashes either – my skin remained imperfect as usual, something I paid close attention to as I’ve heard tales of ‘smart pills’ which can cause breakouts or lumps.

In contrast with other cognitive enhancers, BrainZyme is advertised as more ‘subtle’.  This is quite just; compared to a caffeine pill or even a strong coffee, I felt that BrainZyme was influencing me much less tangibly.  As mentioned I had no twitchiness, jitters or caffeine crash as a result of the pills, so some may feel as though it isn’t working.  But I definitely got more done, and was more inclined to focus and work.  I feel that the subtleness is actually an advantage, as being too energetic can make me lose focus easily.  BrainZyme’s lessened impact is probably due to its ingredients: it contains no pharmaceuticals whatsoever, meaning that it’s much less harsh than your usual ‘study drug’, and is much closer in nature to a food supplement.

But, if there are no drugs in BrainZyme, what is in it to produce these effects? BrainZyme, according to the packaging and website, contains only foods, minerals and vitamins.  The Original capsules have matcha, guarana and choline as their primary ingredients, while Professional and Elite (more expensive and presumably more effective blends) add on various other herbal components like maca and ginkgo biloba.  Original has 7 vitamins and minerals, Professional contains 11 and Elite includes 18 extra nutrients.  So alongside the boost to focus, BrainZyme helps to ensure long-term brain health through vitamin supplementation.

All of these ingredients are legal and safe, in stark contrast with off-label medication or even other mainstream ‘cognitive enhancers’ containing prohibited substances such as vinpocetine.  The MHRA won’t have an issue with any of the constituent parts of BrainZyme, meaning there’s no need to purchase it from a shady source and potentially receive an adulterated product.  This, again, cuts down on the (already small) risk of side-effects.

BrainZyme is also vegan, so pretty much anyone should be able to try their supplements.  It’s really encouraging to see a company embrace vegan products that stay well away from animal testing.  While I’m not vegan personally, I do try to minimise the impact that I have on our animal friends, so this product should help me when I might be tempted to consume a potentially non-vegan energy drink.

To wrap up: From my experience trying BrainZyme, it seems like a straightforward, good product.  According to my own testimonials, and the reviews online on BrainZyme, most people seem to agree.  I’d strongly recommend trying it out if you believe that your studies could do with a bit of support, particularly as December exams might be around the corner for some students.

BrainZyme is available from £9.95 from their website, or