Most people understand the perils of smoking. However, knowing the potential effects of smoking still doesn’t make it much easier for people to quit. There are many types of smoking cessation options a person has, but one option that isn’t technically a smoking cessation method, but tends to work quite well as a replacement, is vaping.

How Vaping Works

Vaping is a way to offer people the same physical experience of smoking. The difference is, rather than inhaling smoke and the many toxins, vaping uses nicotine and various scented and unscented liquids that create vapor that can be inhaled and exhaled, much like what a cigarette or a cigar offers.

Vaping Options

While vaping is relatively new, it has been out long enough to where there are a number of vaping devices. Early on, e cigarettes, which are electronic vaping devices that mimic the look and feel of cigarette, were the primary forms of vaping. Today there are not only individual e cigarettes, but small vaping pens (a compact vaporizer) and mods, which are rechargeable vaporizers for a more robust vaping experience.

A Customized Vaping Experience

The thing to remember is that vaping can be quite flexible in terms of the vaping experience. Many people choose standard cigar or cigarette flavors when vaping. However, flavored vaping liquids for pens or mods and flavored filters for e cigarettes can be used. Whether a person likes a fruity flavor or a spice flavor, all of these can be easily incorporated into a vaping device.

Financial Impacts

Another thing to consider is the cost. There’s no question that smoking cigarettes is expensive. A pack of cigarettes can range from $5 per pack to close to $20 in some locations. Vaping, on average, is many times less expensive than smoking cigarettes. Not only is vaping likely better for a persons body, but it is certainly better for their wallet as well.

If you’re looking to move away from cigarette smoking, but you don’t know much about vaping as a possible replacement, you may want to get more informtion in order to make a more informed decision. Whether that is talking to people who currently vape or visiting a vaping website, there’s plenty of good information to help you along the way.